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Financial Mindfulness

Achieving financial security and a desired lifestyle is often a wish but not a reality.  As financial planners, we aim to guide clients through their financial obligations and asset acquisition, with an ultimate aim of achieving a positive lifetime cash flow and financial mindfulness.

Our starting point is a series of structured meetings, or uniquely to Peninsula, a three-day Makeover-Break at a relaxing Cornish venue.  Whilst we develop a strategy and review personal finances, clients enjoy good food, can visit galleries and just ‘chill’.


Prior to visiting                         Completion of our planning questionnaire; probably the hardest part.

Day 1                                           Arrive at selected venue for an initial discussion.

Day 2                                           Review of our draft recommendations.              

Day 3                                           Presentation of the final plan and timetable.


We would love to hear from you either by telephone, or ideally a short meeting, after which we will be pleased to forward a detailed proposal complete with costing