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A complete holistic approach to personal financial planning.

After producing an initial report, our Lifetime Service ensures planning is updated, progress reviewed and changing personal needs and circumstances addressed.

Questions frequently asked include…

“Can we afford to send the children to private school and/or university?”
“When can I afford to stop working?”
“Will our parents have sufficient income or assets to afford residential & nursing care fees?”
“My parents have gifted me money, do I pay off the mortgage or invest?”
“Can we afford our dream retirement and buy a holiday home?”
“How can I buy out my partner?”
“What is the best way to exit my business?”

Our holistic approach links each of our three basic services into one comprehensive financial plan. This differs from the more conventional personal financial planning which typically is based around events such as ‘when the mortgage is repaid’, ‘retirement’, or ‘the sale or maturity of financial products’. The holistic process is linked to a clients’ available assets, resources, income and just as importantly, their aspirations. We are uniquely placed to support clients while they get on with their careers, family lives or fill their retirement with all those things ‘they always meant to do’.

The objective is to reduce the amount of financial administration, lessen stress, minimise tax, and provide an understanding of risk.