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Ensuring the right amount of tax is paid and relevant allowances are used

Taxation is likely to be one of the largest single costs individuals, families, and companies face, therefore it makes sense to it keep it at the forefront of any financial plan. Having the right tax strategy in place ensures relevant allowances are used.

We monitor and review the following main personal taxes…

Income tax

Tax allowances
National Insurance
Remuneration strategies

Capital gains tax

Annual allowances
Entrepreneur planning

Inheritance tax

Charitable donations and foundations

In recent years successive Governments have blurred the long held distinction between ‘tax avoidance’ and ‘tax evasion’. We subscribe to this difference and assist clients in planning lawfully.

The general rule applying to all tax planning is – don’t let the tax tail wag the dog’ 

Estate Planning

Estate planning for a good many people involves nothing more than making a will, however in the majority of cases it should encompass much more. Our lives have become more complex; we have business interest, overseas holiday homes and extended families. Estate planning is about making sure your wishes are respected and followed, thus avoiding unintended consequences!


Apart from the certain knowledge that we do all die in the end, throughout our lives, families and business partners can make decisions, or be involved with situations which impact on our planning. Divorce, bankruptcy and/or serious illness can all cause problems which could easily be avoided with proper ‘bloodline or succession’ planning.

Putting money in the right hands at the right time

In addition to having a will there are other instruments which are as important. Having a living will, power of attorney, letters of wishes and in some circumstances trusts. Taken individually or in conjunction with each other, these arrangements can set out your wishes and concerns leaving little room for doubt.